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Experts in the operation, storage logistics and distribution of food and beverages, fresh, refrigerated and frozen. Recognized in the industry for guaranteeing an efficient cold chain.

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Traditional and controlled, for conservation under controlled temperature.


Specialty logistics services for highly complex operations.


Distribution centers, manufacturing plants, multi-format stores.


We offer specialized quality standards and programs in the industry.

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We have the largest and most solid logistics network for the cold chain, capable of guaranteeing the highest quality in the care of the cold chain.

Frialsa's national network allows our clients to increase the presence of their products in different markets in an accelerated manner, without having to invest in high-value assets or in the development of professionals specialized in the logistics of perishables.

Frialsa is the cold logistics operator that offers its customers the most complete solution for refrigerated storage and transport of various kinds of perishable products, becoming an efficient 3PL for its supply chain.

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