About Frialsa

Logistics Solutions for the Cold Chain

Our history

Frialsa Integral Logistics Services company began operations in 1986 and since then has expanded its presence throughout the Mexican territory. In May 2019 we inaugurated our CEDIS in Peru, with this we began our international expansion. We have received industry accolades for operational excellence and high levels of service. We pride ourselves on establishing long-term relationships based on trust and compliance, which integrate our clients as true business partners.


Provide comprehensive storage and distribution solutions in the cold chain, with excellent service, talent development, social responsibility and care for the environment.

Vision 2025

In 2025 we consolidated our leadership in Latin America, offering comprehensive storage and distribution solutions in the cold chain, excellent service and added value for our customers and society.

Our Facilities

The experience of Frialsa In offering a consistent and quality service, it goes hand in hand with a constant evolution in our facilities and equipment of the highest technology and efficiency for the permanent control of the cold chain.


Ft3 of temperature space


Continuous predictive programs,
preventive and corrective.


Equipped with the most
high technology

Skills & Experience

Frialsa It is made up of an expert team of professionals in operation and logistics for the storage and distribution of all types of food and beverages, fresh, refrigerated or frozen, as well as merchandise for the different industries that occupy controlled temperatures.

We are members of: "Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA), International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW), World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO) and The World Group, among other industry associations dedicated to professional cold chain management.

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tons of perishable products annually
Refrigerated transport mobilizations
Punctual deliveries and about 15 million boxes of products per year
different codes (SKU) of different merchandise

Technologies of the information

The information systems and technological mechanisms that we have at Frialsa allow us to have a high level of internal control and visibility to our clients of inventories, deliveries, billing details and specialized operational reports focused on their needs.

Responsibility Social

For Frialsa, positively managing the relationship with the environment and the communities with whom we interact is a priority.

Wind power

We are the first slaughterhouse in Latin America to use wind energy, coming from the Laguna Larga wind farm in Oaxaca.


We recover rainwater for irrigation and secondary services.

Paper consumption

We take care of paper consumption by minimizing prints with our technological systems.

Thermal isolation

We operate with high energy efficiency thanks to facilities equipped with insulation to avoid temperature leakage.

Impact initiatives

We carry out regional community impact initiatives in each of the locations where we are present.

Carbon footprints

We apply, conserve and implement maintenance programs for equipment, facilities and vehicles in order to minimize your carbon footprint.

Solar panels

We install solar panels in our CEDIS that will allow us to convert the sun's energy into electricity and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.